VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith Claims Kevin Durant Didn't Like Steve Kerr 'at All'

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As they were winning championships, you didn't hear a whole lot of drama coming from the Golden State Warriors. But now that they stand defeated and Kevin Durant left town, stories are suddenly leaking out suggesting that not everything was sunshine and laughs in the Bay. As ESPN's Stephen A. Smith claimed on "First Take" Wednesday, Durant was not a particularly big fan of head coach Steve Kerr. Take a listen:

"Kevin Durant did not have the greatest relationship with Steve Kerr," Smith said. "He wasn't too fond of Steve Kerr at all."

During his three-year tenure under Kerr in Golden State, of course, Durant was a two-time NBA champion and won Finals MVP both years. He was an All-NBA player every season, and even though his scoring dipped a little bit compared to his Oklahoma City days, just about everything about his game improved, and thrust himself into the conversation for best basktball player in the world. Thus, the idea that he wasn't such a Kerr fan is eyebrow-raising.

For what it's worth, KD apparently disputes Stephen A.'s characterization here.

In any event, it's worth wishing good luck to Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson when Durant comes back from his Achilles injury. KD is a different cat, and his level of contentment will go a long way in determining whether the Brooklyn boys can realize the dream of an NBA title.