VIDEO: Kendrick Perkins Claims Kevin Durant 'Never Bounced Back' From Blowup With Draymond Green

If the Golden State Warriors struggle greatly in 2019-20 -- and they might -- the biggest headlines around the Bay will surely involve recriminations over Kevin Durant's departure, and what might have possibly been done to keep him around on a giant contract extension despite his ruptured Achilles.

But to hear NBA big man turned analyst Kendrick Perkins tell it, there really wasn't much of a realistic chance that KD would agree to come back to the Dubs. And it all centers on Draymond Green.

Durant and Green famously beefed earlier in the season, with the latter reportedly giving the two-time Finals MVP a serious tongue-lashing, insisting that the Warriors didn't actually need him. The well-documented NSFW blow-ups threatened to derail the Warriors' season early on, and though they were able to see things through and win their fifth straight Western Conference title, the wheels came off in the Finals.

And that was that. KD's career in NorCal is over, and he's a Brooklyn Net now. Perhaps Draymond Green, for all his passion, really was his own worst enemy here.