VIDEO: Kevin Durant Denies Reports Claiming He Told Russ He'd Return to OKC Before Joining Warriors

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Earlier this morning, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith went on First Take and said that not only did Kevin Durant not have a good relationship with head coach Steve Kerr, but he also that KD had dinner with Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison, vowing not to leave OKC in the summer of 2016. Of course, Durant then went to the Hampton's, where he announced he was signing with Golden State.

Well, KD, or someone in his camp, must have heard wind of Smith's remarks, because Durant called up Stephen A. and claimed the report about him and Westbrook was "BS."

On his radio show, Stephen A. further clarified his comments, while mentioning that Durant had in fact reached out to him to refute his remarks.

Smith said that Durant didn't give any specifics on the matter, but he denied ever telling Westbrook "to his face" that he'd be returning to the Thunder. While refusing to discuss the other things Smith mentioned in his initial report, Durant made sure to object to the claim that he'd blatantly lied to Westbrook.

Ignoring the "he said, she said" debacle occurring between Smith and Durant, it's pretty impressive that KD had a response to the report as swiftly as he did. It just goes to show, Durant is always monitoring social media, and is not afraid to clap back at a report that shines him in a negative light.