Kendrick Perkins Tweets Photo of 2008 Celtics Reunited With One Huge Absence

The drama surrounding the 2007-08 NBA champion Boston Celtics in the years since their separation still hasn't subsided. It's hard to believe that something could fester like this for so long, but a picture is worth a thousand words-- and the one Kendrick Perkins posted tonight may as well say a million.

Yes, Ray Allen, a Hall of Famer and crucial member of the Celtics' big three alongside Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, isn't anywhere to be found.

Of course, Rajon Rondo got an invite. Hell, they even called Sam Cassell!

Nobody is required to be everyone's friend. These guys were colleagues, and clearly found a way to make two NBA Finals in three years and win a title. That's no small achievement. But it's a shame to see the steadily expanding pile of evidence that the rest of this roster still hasn't forgiven Allen for bolting for the rival Miami Heat when the inevitable breakup came.

One day, maybe all these guys will break bread together. But we won't hold our breaths.