Rockets Exploring Trades for Chris Paul and Clint Capela Proves Last Offseason Was a Disaster

Houston Rockets v San Antonio Spurs
Houston Rockets v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes

After another disappointing postseason exit at the hands of the Golden State Warriors, the Houston Rockets look to be on the road to implosion. Since the offseason began, the Rockets have already started exploring trades for a pair of their most prominent stars. Those two players, Chris Paul and Clint Capela, were both recipients of gigantic new contracts one year ago, but times have changed in a hurry.

Now, after just one year with Capela and Paul on their current deals, the Rockets are already considering making plans to move on. With those two potentially on the way out, the Rockets are proving that their 2018 offseason was a complete disaster-- and waste of time besides.

Last offseason, along with the signings of Chris Paul and Clint Capela, the Rockets added James Ennis, Carmelo Anthony, Gerald Green and Michael Carter-Williams. If and when they end up losing CP3 and Capela, Green will be the only one that remains in Houston from that 2018 offseason group.

For all GM Daryl Morey has done to cultivate a reputation as a folk hero of the analytics era, there's no way to spin this kind of failure.

Either the Rockets are gearing up for a game-changing move that will alter the entire identity of their franchise, or they are in a tailspin that forces them to double down on a James Harden one-man show that has clearly defined limits in today's NBA.

In any case, the Rockets are in a state of chaos at the moment. With Paul and Capela surely needing to be on their way out before this team can spend wisely again -- the two of them are owed over $53 million combined next season, and it only gets heavier after that -- it's pretty unclear what the Rockets next move will be or even should be.

In so many ways, they've painted themselves into a corner and have next to no flexibility as a result.