Rockets Owner Reportedly Complained About Chris Paul's Contract to Other Executives

Ezra Shaw

Rockets point guard Chris Paul's unfavorable contract is no secret to anyone in NBA circles. Although he remains a valuable asset at the age of 34, Paul is owed $124 million over the next three seasons, a ridiculous amount of money for someone of his age with diminishing abilities.

Apparently, Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta has not been shy about lamenting the deal to other NBA executives, according to reports.

File this one in the "unprofessional" category.

According to Tim McMahon of ESPN, Fertitta has "grumbled about Paul's contract, expressing regret to Rockets staffers and even in front of rival executives."

This is a terrible look for the Rockets, especially considering it comes from a guy who one year ago was calling Paul a top priority for the team in 2018 free agency.

Beyond the basic disrespect Fertitta shows by griping about a player's contract, it's just not smart business. Although Paul's terrible contract is no secret to other franchises, Fertitta's whining downgrades the team's chances to trade the point guard from slim to none. No team will make a reasonable offer for a player if the owner has made his displeasure with the player's deal so publicly clear.

This is concerning information for a franchise that's been so close for years. With a window of opportunity opening up as the Warriors' dynasty crumbles, now is not the time for irresponsible leadership in Houston.