VIDEO: Stephen A. Smith Says There's Buzz Rockets Star Chris Paul Wants Out of Houston

Here's a name we haven't hear a lot when it comes to offseason NBA free agency and trade rumors: Chris Paul. But rightfully so. Paul is under a four-year contract with the Houston Rockets that extends through the 2021-22 season. This contract also makes him one of the highest-paid players in the league. So why are people all of a sudden talking about CP3? It might be because ESPN's Stephen A. Smith reported there's buzz that Paul wants out of Houston.

The Rockets finished another season in disappointing fashion after being knocked out by the Golden State Warriors yet again despite having a fruitful opportunity to take them down without superstar Kevin Durant.

At this point, it became obvious the Rockets needed to make some improvements, and though Paul was always an unlikely trade option due to his age and contract, we hadn't heard HE wanted out of Houston. That could actually help the Rockets.

In this scenario, Paul could find a home where a championship ring is in closer reach and the Rockets could make the changes they believe are needed to make a Finals run.

With the new league year starting at the end of the month, we could know very soon what the deal is.