Warriors' Kevin Durant Continues Social Media Meltdown by Responding to Critical Tweets

The thin-skinned form of Kevin Durant is at it again on Twitter.

The injured Golden State Warriors superstar fired back at both Chris Broussard and a random guy for questioning whether or not Golden State's success in his absence would tarnish his legacy.

Broussard raises a valid point about how much Durant truly contributed to his two rings with the Warriors. Durant, however, was entirely bothered by it despite his implications that he's, well, unbothered.

And as if that wasn't enough, he decided to lash out at a random guy for (correctly) calling him out as thin-skinned and unable to handle criticism.

Aren't there more important things for Durant to focus on anyway, such as, say, recovering from his calf injury?

If Durant was really intent on proving his doubters wrong, he'd put the phone down and focus on being there for his team and working his way back to the court.

But hey, at least he's got one guy in his corner.

Instead, he continues to waste away his days by getting in unnecessary Twitter beefs with people that he shouldn't be concerning himself with.