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VIDEO: Tom Brady's Latest Commentary on 'Tom Terrific' Trademark Proves He's Absolutely Full of Crap

Tom Brady ruffled plenty of feathers by trying to trademark the nickname "Tom Terrific," and he actually just made the situation even more absurd. The Patriots quarterback spoke on the matter for the first time since all the controversy started to stir, and his response about the whole thing is perhaps the dumbest thing we've ever heard.

Brady clarified that he doesn't even like the moniker and that his only reason for copyrighting it was to keep other people from using it. He also added that the entire thing is just an unfortunate mixup with Tom Seaver.

Wait, what? So Brady's saying he braved the public backlash of copyrighting the nickname of the legendary Seaver all because he doesn't like it and doesn't want other people to use it? That's incredibly hard to believe.

It seems pretty counter-intuitive for him to trademark a name that he doesn't want used in connection with him -- and one that is RARELY used to refer to him.

If anything, this is proof that Brady recognizes just how terrible of a move this really was. Now he's trying -- and failing -- to walk it back.

Perhaps this really can be a "lesson learned," as Brady put it. He's better off sticking to his on-field achievements rather than going around trademarking nicknames that belong to legends of the past.