VIDEO: Texas and LSU Get Into Pregame Skirmish With Longhorns Wearing 'DBU' Shirts

Texas Longhorns vs. LSU Tigers
Texas Longhorns vs. LSU Tigers /

The huge game between the LSU Tigers and the Texas Longhorns hadn't even started yet, and tempers were already flaring. During warmups, Texas and LSU got into an argument on the field, with players having to be held back when Texas came onto the field with t-shirts that said "There's only one DBU."

For those that don't know, LSU is widely regarded for producing top quality NFL defensive backs, so for Texas to wear these shirts on the field is incredibly disrespectful. However, they chose a good time to wear them, as Texas will play at home during this matchup.

This Texas vs. LSU matchup is going to be a tough test for both sides, as both teams are considered among the best in the nation. Texas desperately needs this win, as it would be their second victory against an SEC team in the last nine months, with their last win coming against Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.

With Texas coming out in these incredibly disrespectful shirts, LSU is now more motivated than ever to prove the Longhorns are far from back. Something has to give.