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VIDEO: Texas DB Absurdly Celebrates While His Man Catches Pass and Leaves Him in Dust

Texas defensive back oddly celebrates after being burned on catch and run against Louisiana Tech.

With college football players participating in their first game of the year, there are bound to be some brain farts on the field. However, there's perhaps no excuse for this incident during Saturday's Texas Longhorns-Louisiana Tech Bulldogs game. On one play, a Bulldogs receiver bolted past a Longhorns defensive back for a decently-sized catch and run. Some of that credit can go to the cornerback, who oddly stopped and decided to celebrate...a completion for his opponent.

If football coaches stress one thing ad nauseam, it's to play from whistle to whistle. This was just confusing on this player's part, and in turn, gave Louisiana Tech a positive chunk of yards as a result.

Tom Herman's isolating this bizarre, non-functional game tape as we speak. There's no point in "Horns Down" if Texas is just going to do this to themselves anyway.