VIDEO: Some Genius Made a 17-Minute Compilation of Every Garbage Call From NFL Refs This Season

DeAndre Hopkins getting mauled by Ravens DB Marlon Humphrey in Week 11.
DeAndre Hopkins getting mauled by Ravens DB Marlon Humphrey in Week 11. /

We see it week in and week out, yet no matter how much criticism they face, referees in the NFL continue to make some awful calls. Fans back home are privy to just about every angle of a play in existence, something the referees don't have the luxury of viewing. Even so, it seems as if NFL officiating has been at an all-time worst in 2019. Ladies and gentleman, check out this awesome (but equally tormenting) 17-minute compilation of every puke-worthy call from NFL referees through Week 15 of the 2019 season.

Whoever put this video together deserves an award of some sort.

From premature whistles that prevented defensive touchdowns, countless blown pass interference calls, bogus roughing the passer penalties and phantom hands to the face infractions, the NFL seriously needs to implement drastic changes next season. Many of these calls are straight up disgraceful and damaging to the outcome of games.

Think about it, folks. Think about how woeful refereeing must be for there to be a 17-minute compilation video of the most notable gaffes. It's maddening.

At the surface, the abundance of blunders are hysterical. But they are severely damaging what is otherwise a captivating and near-irresistible NFL product.