VIDEO: Refs Screwed Saints Against the Rams Yet Again and Called Back a Defensive TD for No Reason

At this point we are almost convinced that the NFL's referees have an agenda against the New Orleans Saints. Less than a week after the zebras almost cost Sean Payton and Co. a victory over the Texans on Monday Night Football, the officials inexplicably deprived the Saints of what was a surefire defensive touchdown against the Rams. Jared Goff dropped back to pass and was clearly stripped of the pigskin PRIOR to making a forward arm motion (despite what his follow through might portray). Defensive end Cameron Jordan subsequently scooped the ball and was headed for the end zone behind a profusion of blockers...before the play was ultimately called dead.

In a game where both offenses are struggling immensely to formulate scoring drives, this call could prove lethal for New Orleans, which also saw Drew Brees exit the game in the second quarter with what's being described as a hand injury.

The refs are out here screwing over the Saints in back-to-back weeks! And of course this had to come in favor of the Rams, the squad which was gifted a Super Bowl appearance against New Orleans last season. Color us absolutely dumbfounded, but not the least bit bewildered.