5 Worst Calls Made by NFL Refs in Week 11

Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens / Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

There are few guarantees in life, but NFL officials making bone-headed mistakes each Sunday sure is one of them. Right on cue, the guys in black and white stripes had another terrible collective showing this past weekend.

From a DeAndre Hopkins pass interference non-call, to somehow missing the defending champs being about a foot offsides, some mistakes certainly stand out more than others. We're here to break down the worst five for you.

5. Patriots Clearly Offside Against Eagles

As you can see in the photo above, the Patriots were clearly lined up offside against the Eagles. Instead, Jason Peters was called for a false start seconds after this moment was captured. How did the refs miss this one? Your guess is as good as ours.

4. Bucs Get Away With an Offside of Their Own

This is even worse than the missed call against New England! New Orleans' Marcus Williams is basically lined up even with Tampa Bay's slot receiver in the middle of your screen. This should have been five yards for the Bucs and a first down. Instead, they got totally jobbed.

3. Terrible False Start Against Richie Incognito

It's hard to defend Richie Incognito due to his checkered history, but this is ridiculous. Am I blind, or did Incognito simply not move a muscle here? The Bengals clearly jumped. This play ended up moving the Raiders back five yards rather than handing them a gimme touchdown run via Josh Jacobs. Oakland still won the game, but a number of fantasy football owners out there are probably still livid.

2. Pass Interference on the Absolute Wrong Guy

This continues to be mind-boggling. In the 49ers' meeting with the Cardinals, SF fullback Kyle Juszczyk jumped on the back of Joe Walker here. The video could be used in the court of law for assault, but Walker was somehow hit with the pass interference call? On which planet is the Arizona 'backer at fault for this? Give me a break.

1. Where's the PI on DeAndre Hopkins?

The fact that this was challenged and still deemed a clean play by Marlon Humphrey is unacceptable. The Baltimore DB was draped all over DeAndre Hopkins. This is 100% defensive pass interference, yet it wasn't. Hopkins was understandably furious the call didn't go his way, and no one out there can blame him for that.