VIDEO: Raptors Fan Hilariously Retires Kawhi Leonard's Jersey in His Own Home

It's been been a little over four days since Chris Haynes dropped one of the most impactful riffts of NBA news in recent memory: Kawhi Leonard would be joining the Los Angeles Clippers next season (and mere moments later, we learned Paul George would be joining him). As we know, the shocking decision came just a couple short weeks after the Klaw led the Toronto Raptors to their first NBA title in franchise history. And most would agree that their beaming fan base should have nothing but praise for Kawhi, though there will always be a plethora of salty, selfish superfans out there. Well, one particular Raps stan has no hard feelings toward Leonard whatsoever, and hysterically retired the famous No. 2 jersey inside his house.

Talk about innovation. Why wait for a legitimate ceremony at Scotiabank Arena --which may be genuinely up for debate within the organization -- when you can scrap together a hanger and a simple pulley system?

And the inclusion of 1990 hit single "It Must Have Been Love" by Roxette in the background just caps off the emotional ceremony that, of course, has gone viral and currently boasts more than 25,000 likes on Twitter.

This right here is comedy of the highest order, ladies and gentlemen. Way to make the most of a tough situation, @CaptMaverick85.