VIDEO: Kevin Durant Claims He Considered Knicks, Lakers and Warriors for 'a Couple Seconds'


After tearing his Achilles in what ended up being his final moment in a Golden State Warriors uniform, Kevin Durant ended up signing with the Brooklyn Nets. But did he consider any other teams during his free agency tour? Apparently he did, but didn't give it much thought.

Durant was specifically asked if he considered signing with the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers or Warriors, and said he "thought about it for a couple seconds."

Most of all, this is going to crush Knicks fans, who thought KD was signing with them ever since the beginning of last season. The fact he gave them barely a thought stings twice as much.

Brooklyn was apparently in his sights all along.

There may be less pressure in Brooklyn, but now he'll be playing with Kyrie Irving, who is already making news regarding his new teammate. We can expect a very fun and entertaining four years at the Barclays Center, that's for sure.