VIDEO: Kyrie Irving Calls Out Warriors and NBA Over Kevin Durant's Achilles Injury

We may never truly get to the bottom of the root cause of Kevin Durant's Achilles injury during the 2019 NBA Finals, as any possible explanation is levied with rumor and conjecture. But the ever-interesting mind of newly-minted Brooklyn superstar Kyrie Irving seems to have one explanation for his new Nets teammate's injury, and pointed the finger at the Warriors' training staff and the NBA.

Despite the fact that Durant has been very clear that the Warriors medical staff did not mishandle or misdiagnose his injury, Kyrie is pinning the blame fully on them.

Whatever the reason, Durant's Achilles still snapped, and he will likely miss his entire debut season in Brooklyn.

This was just one of a few nuggets Irving revealed on Nets media day, including detailing a phone call between him, KD, and DeAndre Jordan that sealed the trio going to Brooklyn in the offseason.

Kyrie's mind has never been called button-down, so it makes sense that Mr. Flat Earth is out here trying to connect the dots to prove yet another conspiracy theory.