VIDEO: Bob Myers Really Wants Us to Believe the Warriors Aren't Trading D'Angelo Russell

The Golden State Warriors acquired D'Angelo Russell from the Brooklyn Nets in the late hours of Day One of official free agency, creating another duo in their backcourt taking the spot of the injured Klay Thompson. Ever since the ink dried on the move, rumors that the Warriors would then trade Russell have been the prevailing thought, but General Manager Bob Myers tried to shut down such murmurs on Monday, albeit unsuccessfully.

"We haven't even seen him play yet," seemed to be the theme of Myers interview with the media regarding the rumors. Myers wants to look at how the roster functions together first before making any decisions, which means Russell could be safe for now.

Myers seemingly postponed his answer to the question to a further date, something that will only increase the rumors and speculation regarding a potential Russell trade.

A lot of people would like to see how Russell and Steph Curry work together for the Warriors (on offense, offense only), but if an offer comes that blows Myers away, it appears that Russell could be on the move, even if that is not what Myers wants the press and public to believe.