Utah DC's Future Takes Clear Hit Following Punishment for Racist Language

Utah's Morgan Scalley wasn't fired, but he is taking a major pay cut
Utah's Morgan Scalley wasn't fired, but he is taking a major pay cut / Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

In an age where more college football players are starting to feel comfortable speaking out about their coaching staffs using verbal or physical harassment tactics to keep them in line, one of the more startling revelations came out of Salt Lake City, as Utah defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley was revealed to have used a racial slur in a 2013 text message.

Scalley, who was the coach in waiting scheduled to take over as soon as Kyle Whittingham retired, retained his job as Utah DC, but his salary was sliced from $1.1 million to $525,000. In addition, Scalley had the hypothetical "coach in waiting" tag removed.

Scalley is a former Ute defensive back who became a star under Whittingham. He has been the safeties coach since 2008, assuming defensive coordinator responsibilities in 2015. Scalley helped build one of the most ferocious defensive lines and impenetrable secondaries in football for a Utah team that made it to the Pac-12 championship game.

The entire program was on the upswing after a promising 2019 season, but the Scalley scandal has put a stop to all of that momentum.

Scalley's situation is muddled to say the least, as he has been publicly exposed as having used offensive and derogatory language. Scalley will still pull in a half-million next year, and it remains to be seen if such a punishment will have an impact on Utah's recruiting.