Former Iowa RB Shares More Horror Stories About Time in Hawkeyes Program

Former Iowa RB Akrum Wadley
Former Iowa RB Akrum Wadley / Matthew Holst/Getty Images

It pains us to report that racism and mistreatment allegations within the Iowa football program are still surfacing weeks after strength coach Chris Doyle was relieved of his duties.

On Monday, former Hawkeyes running back Akrum Wadley delivered a vitriolic rebuke of the program in which he wrote that playing for it was "a living nightmare."

To start, Wadley alleged that Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz threatened to revoke his meal card and eventually followed through on it, referencing a damning story that included him being forced to call his mother -- who resided in New Jersey -- to order him a pizza just so he wouldn't go to sleep hungry and be sick at practice the next morning.

Sadly enough, that isn't close to the worst of it. Not only did Wadley accuse Ferentz of berating black players, but he also alleged that Hawkeyes offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz, Kirk's son, would make repeated jokes about him committing robberies simply for wearing a wool cap to practices and team workouts.

“One time when I was jogging to the facility, Coach Brian Ferentz says, ‘Hey Akrum, are you going to rob a gas station?’” Wadley wrote. “I was so upset, but ignored him and kept going."

Wadley also referenced a point in time where he would become sick daily "after drinking pounds of Powerade and/or shakes right before working out" in an effort to make weight, a task which Ferentz was allegedly harder on black players about than white players.

We're honestly not sure what it's going to take for Iowa to kick Ferentz to the curb. The fact that he's still holding his post as head coach after several players have come forward with mistreatment allegations is tough to parse.