Trevor Bauer Walks Back Claim That Mike Trout Has HGH Exemption From MLB

In the midst of all the cheating fervor that's taken over the MLB, Cincinnati Reds starter Trevor Bauer dropped an atomic bomb of his own the baseball world by claiming that Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout has an exemption from the league to use human growth hormone, a well-known performance-enhancing drug, by prescription from a doctor in order to treat a thyroid condition.

However, Bauer turned around Friday and went into damage control mode, suggesting through a public relations representative that the he isn't actually sure if Trout has the league-approved exemption to take HGH that he claimed he had.

It comes as no surprise that Bauer decided to hold his horses just a bit here. Trout, after all, is widely considered to be the single best player in baseball, and is on track to be one of the greatest in the history of the sport.

Accusing him of using a performance-enhancer and suggesting that the league has fully sanctioned it is not something to be tossed around lightly. Getting the permission of the man in question to discuss these topics would have been a nice start.

Of course, Bauer was ahead of just about everyone in relation to the Houston Astros' sign-stealing scandal, so it could be that he's worth listening to on the topic of therapeutic HGH. It's especially intriguing considering that the son of Scott Brosius also sounded off on Trout allegedly using growth hormone.

These are wild times indeed in baseball. It's hard to sort truth from fiction sometimes, but it's more important than ever to have our facts straight as the league is wracked by scandal.