Trevor Bauer Claims 'Mike Trout-HGH Loophole' Rumors Are True and Players Don't Care

Commissioner Rob Manfred is in the middle of a daunting nightmare from which it is impossible to wake up.

The bombshells surrounding his beloved MLB haven't stopped dropping this week, and perhaps the most under-the-radar development -- thanks to the fallout of Houston's sign-stealing scandal -- was Mike Trout being accused of using human growth hormone through a league loophole.

The report was largely dismissed considering Trout's squeaky-clean track record (and the source, Ex-Mariners coach Scott Brosius' son), but Trevor Bauer apparently reached out to Yahoo!'s Daniel Roberts to assert that players are aware of Trout's supposed antics and simply don't care.

Roberts notes that the players aren't batting their eyes is because of the arduous and prolonged process that Trout had to endure to breech the league's aforementioned loophole. Clearly, it's a necessary treatment in their eyes.

Just because Trout uses HGH does not mean Trout's been abusing HGH in any way throughout his career, but the optics behind the rumor are genuinely demoralizing.

We're talking about a three-time MVP, eight-time All-Star, seven-time Silver Slugger, and Rookie of the Year. That bling truly doesn't even begin to do Trout's mind-boggling numbers justice.

Last week, if you told us that Trout's all-time great, future first ballot Hall of Fame career could be tainted from HGH use, we would have laughed in your face.

Now, we're forced to at least consider it a possibility.