Tom Brady Gives Realistic and Measured Answer About Patriots' Super Bowl Chances

Tom Brady wasn't overly optimistic when asked about the 2019 Patriots' Super Bowl odds.
Tom Brady wasn't overly optimistic when asked about the 2019 Patriots' Super Bowl odds. / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It goes without saying that the New England Patriots have to sort out some problems on offense. Tom Brady and Co. rank 14th in the NFL in terms of yards per game, and their flaws become more evident each time they play a competent offense.

Despite the fact that they appear as vulnerable as ever, history has taught us to never count out Brady and Bill Belichick. In a bit of a shocking revelation, however, TB12 himself wasn't particularly confident when discussing New England's Super Bowl chances in the wake of their loss against the Houston Texans.

"I don't have a prediction," Brady said via NBC Sports Boston. "I think we have a plan... I know there's very high expectations, as there are for us. I think the expectations for our team often are a very, very, very high level... At the same time, I think there's realistic expectations with our circumstances, incorporating different elements and players and injuries, and we're just trying to do the best that we can do."

That pretty much says it all about Brady's evident frustrations with the efficiency and production of the Patriots' offense, particularly his young corps of receivers.

Of course, the six-time Super Bowl champ knows better than to be too sanguine or overhype his team ahead of the stretch run, but it's absolutely fair to say that he isn't usually so reserved and conditional in his language.

New England has palpable imperfections, and Brady is clearly cognizant of them. More than ever, he's got to reach deep into his bag of tricks for this season's stretch run.