VIDEO: Dan Orlovsky Breaks Down Tom Brady's Frustration With WRs and it's Concerning

Sunday night was a true revelation of exactly where the Patriots stand. Yes, they're still 10-2, but almost all of those wins were against subpar teams. This road game against the Texans told us who New England is, a team with a struggling offense that gets carried by their elite defense. But, why exactly do the Patriots have trouble scoring the ball? Well, according to former signal caller Dan Orlovsky, much of it has to do with Tom Brady's lack of trust in his receivers.

Orlovsky posted a video on Twitter of him breaking down a miscommunication between Brady and Phillip Dorsett in the second quarter, where the quarterback wanted him to run all the way downfield for a pass, but he didn't do that. Later on the bench, Brady could be seen mouthing to Josh McDaniels that he had enough of Dorsett.

This wasn't the only time Brady expressed frustration in the game either:

The fact that it's this late into the season and Brady hasn't developed chemistry with key offensive players is a huge red flag for the Patriots heading into the playoffs. They need to get things fixed, and fast.