Tom Brady's Numbers Have Been Nearly Identical to Mitch Trubisky Since Week 4 and That's Not Great

Tom Brady sits amid New England Patriots' struggles vs Texans
Tom Brady sits amid New England Patriots' struggles vs Texans / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Pats haters...hello.

Wanna hear a scary story in less than 10 words? Mitch Trubisky is playing marginally better than Tom Brady. The scariest part about this tale? It's a true story!

If you don't believe me, it's worth checking out the tale of the tape. A quick glance at the graphic below is all of the evidence necessary to prove that TB12 has been Trubisky-level since Week 4 against mostly subpar opponents.

While Brady has thrown more touchdown passes in the previous five games (by one!), Trubisky has the edge in the remaining categories, with the most important one being completion percentage (63.2% to Brady's 59.2%). After a Sunday night stinker, I guess it's time to bring up the annual (guess you could say weekly, at this point) question: Is Tom Brady on the road to being washed, at least?

With Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown off the roster and virtually every other playmaker on the roster dealing with an injury, it's no wonder that Brady has been below-average for large chunks of this season. While that doesn't entirely excuse his Trubiskian levels of mediocrity to this point, I believe that we will see a return to form for the six-time Super Bowl champion very soon. As for Mitch, I'm happy that he is not the laughing stock of the league for a minute.