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Tom Brady Provides Funny Commentary on Ruthless Patriots Training Camp Prank

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions
New England Patriots v Detroit Lions

After signing a $41 million extension with the New England Patriots this offseason, quarterback Tom Brady has been having fun off the field and on social media.

After a Patriots beat reporter tweeted that Brady played part in perhaps the best prank of New England's training camp thus far, TB12 fired off an epic response.

We'd have to imagine that this is all in good fun on Brady's part, with the veterans simply including the rookies in some good, ol' fashioned trolling. Such is the reality as a rookie in the NFL. From Brady's perspective, however, he's shown us a whole other side of himself since joining the social media grind.

Since Brady joined Twitter on Apr. 1 with an April Fool's Day tweet about his retirement, he's been cracking jokes ever since.

Brady has managed to some voids in the NFL offseason, especially up north in Boston, with his presence online.

Brady also trolled Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown — who recently threatened to retire if he didn't get to choose the helmet he wore — via Instagram.

Coming off his sixth Super Bowl victory, Brady has definitely earned the right to say what he wants. We don't expect this to be the last time he gives his two cents, whether we asked for it or not.