Tom Brady Trolls NFL Over Antonio Brown Helmet Dispute by Reminding Them of His Success

Never forget, amid the drama caused by Antonio Brown and his bushy blonde mustache, that league luminaries like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers were also forced to change their equipment this offseason.

They just acquiesced, no questions asked.

However, Brady had one final missive for the league and his enemies on Tuesday, and it served to elucidate the real reason behind the NFL comin' for his gear: they're simply sick of him winning so much.

While this sort of reminds me of a Hot Person posting a glamor pic on Instagram with some self-deprecating caption like, "Thinking of pizza!" (come on, no you're not), the point remains accurate.

Yeah, see? Told you.

Brady and the Patriots have been far too dominant with this old model helmet, and it's time for things to change.

Maybe the league should outlaw some more stuff in Foxborough? No pads, get rid of the jersey, no more footballs -- oh, wait, they actually tried that one.