Scott Boras Powerfully Instructs Players to Not Budge to MLB Owners' Proposal

Scott Boras
Scott Boras has been known as a stubborn agent in negotiations, and nothing changed in this situation | Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Scott Boras has always been known as one of the most stubborn agents in negotiations for years now, and his stance isn't changing in the stand-off between players and owners to start the baseball season in 2020.

Boras has told his clients that they shouldn't accept any solution to start the MLB season unless they get paid on a prorated basis. So, that means that if there is an 82 game season, players would get paid about half of their original salary.

This stance by the most well-known baseball agent seems fair, but many owners are infuriated because they will lose more than half of their revenue if games are played with no fans. So, owners want players to share that loss with them.

Both sides have a convincing point, which is why negotiations have turned into a stalemate. Some players feel it isn't worth playing a season if they are getting paid a small fraction of their original salary to take on such a tremendous risk. Conversely, owners aren't willing to take on such tremendous losses.

Hopefully, both sides can reach a compromise to re-start to 2020 season. All parties -- the fans, players, and owners -- want to see baseball played in 2020, so new memories can be made on the diamond. But, right now it seems like no side is willing to budge, especially after Boras' comments.