MLB Players Reportedly Consider Owners' Revenue Proposal Dead on Arrival and Things Are Getting Worse

MLBPA Executive Director Tony Clark
MLBPA Executive Director Tony Clark / Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The MLBPA and owners have made little progress in their quest to get the season started back up in 2020 amid concerns about how players will be paid, and the owners' most recent sliding pay scale proposal made little headway. Actually, it might have been detrimental.

According to insider Jon Heyman, the players are 100% against the owners' latest offer, with reactions ranging from disappointed to disrespected. The MLBPA considered the suggestion so worthless that they aren't even going to dignify it with a counter offer.

That doesn't bode well for trying to resume baseball.

As part of the owner's proposal, a $35 million player salary would be slashed to just $7.84 million. That's a lot of money, yes, but it's considerably less than the $17.7 million that player would have made under the player's original prorated salary proposal. If your boss reduced your pay by almost 80% in the middle of a pandemic, all the while expecting you to work in a potentially unsafe environment, would you want to do your job?

The solution for this negotiation and playing the 2020 season likely lies somewhere in between these two widely-panned roadmaps. However, both sides are not willing to move an inch in this battle of wills.

While both the players and owners obviously want to play baseball, the two sides are so far apart on the financial end of things that doing so in 2020 might not be possible.