MLB Players Expected to Counter-Propose Owners With a Number of New Adjustments

Tony Clark
MLBPA executive Tony Clark and the players are expected to send a new proposal to owners. | Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

MLB owners sent the players a rather ridiculous proposal this week. Under the new proposed financial restrictions, the highest-earning players in the league would have to take a pay cut between 70-80% after the two sides had originally agreed on prorated salaries earlier this year.

The major cuts obviously didn't go over well and the players are now expected to send a counter offer that may just outright ignore what the owners want.

The counter-offer is expected to be presented to the owners by the end of this week.

The players want a season that's around 100 games in addition to actual prorated salaries as opposed to the sliding scale proposed by owners. Money is the main concern here and the players also reportedly want to know more about the league's finances in an attempt to make it clear the owners can in fact pay afford to compensate those who will be risking their health and wellbeing to keep the sport going.

Max Scherzer spoke out against the owners' offer to kickstart the 2020 season and it's clear a majority of the players are not willing to move forward unless major concessions are made on behalf of the owners.

While the fans are growing restless because of the lack of progress here, it's hard to expect the players to take these massive pay cuts given the circumstances surrounding the global pandemic. One side will have to budge soon or else there's a high risk of no games being played in 2020.