Rob Manfred Confirms MLB Investigation Into Astros Will Include 2018 and 2019 Seasons

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Visits "Mornings With Maria"
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Visits "Mornings With Maria" / Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

As you can imagine, one of the only things people want to talk with MLB commissioner Rob Manfred about is the league's current investigation into the Houston Astros, who reportedly stole signs using electronics during the 2017 season.

Of course, did it stop there? Did Houston continue doing this in 2018 and 2019? According to Manfred, the investigation will involve looking into the last two seasons in an effort to determine the extent of the Astros' malfeasance.

The New York Yankees accused the Astros of whistling to indicate stolen signs during the 2019 ALCS, and plenty of teams have had an issue with Houston regarding the stealing of signs in recent years.

If MLB finds that the Astros used electronics to gain an edge by stealing signs in 2018 and especially 2019, after stricter rules were put in place, the penalties would be astronomical.

You hope this investigation is wrapped up before the New Year, but with Manfred confirming that they aren't just looking at 2017, punishment could take longer to dole out than expected.