Rob Manfred's First Comments on Sign-Stealing Scandal Seem Like Really Bad News for Astros

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Visits "Mornings With Maria"
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Visits "Mornings With Maria" / Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Major League Baseball is investigating the bombshell report about the Houston Astros stealing signs using electronics throughout the 2017 season, including the postseason.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred addressed the investigation at the owners meetings on Tuesday, and when asked about whether other teams are involved, Manfred said he has "no reason to believe" that is the case.

As far as potential discipline, though, Manfred made it clear he has the authority to lay the hammer if they conclude that the Astros stole signs using electronics.

It's in the Major League constitution, folks.

This sign-stealing scandal is garnering a lot of attention, but according to Manfred, it's warranted. If there are any allegations that have to do with a rule violation, especially one that has an effect on the outcome of games, it's a serious matter and deserves a thorough investigation.

Hopefully, this investigation won't last the entire MLB offseason, but this is big stuff and the punishment will be unprecedented, which will certainly get major headlines.