Revisiting the Vikings' Infamous Boat Party Sex Scandal on Lake Minnetonka

Looking back at the Vikings' infamous boat party sex scandal back in 2005.
Looking back at the Vikings' infamous boat party sex scandal back in 2005. /

If you're an avid sports fan, you're very well aware of some of the craziest scandals throughout football, baseball, basketball and more. But perhaps no story was more insane (and more forgotten!) than the Minnesota Vikings' infamous boat party sex scandal.

On Oct. 6, 2005, Vikings players Fred Smoot, Bryant McKinnie, Moe Williams and Daunte Culpepper were charged with indecent conduct, disorderly conduct, and lewd or lascivious conduct for throwing a sex party on two houseboats on Lake Minnetonka.

And yes, this put the New York Giants' boat party to shame.

The Vikings normally held a party for their rookies on the bye week, usually in a club. But Smoot wanted to step things up this time. The cornerback rented two houseboats and flew in over 50 strippers from across the country to attend.

What could go wrong? Well, the 17 players brought attention on themselves as soon as everyone boarded the boat, and the "party" truly began. It's important to note that not all Vikings players participated in "the festivities."

Police got wind of the party due to the various complaints from residents and the four aforementioned players. Smoot, McKinnie and Williams pled guilty to disturbing the peace charges.

This isn't the attention the Vikings needed at the time. They were already a 1-3 football team, and after this story broke, they instantly became the brunt of jokes across the mainstream media. Even though the team did improve after the incident, they still missed the playoffs. Head coach Mike Tice was fired after the season by team owner Zygi Wilf, and many point to this off-field incident as a reason for his dismissal.

Nearly 15 years later, the "Vikings Love Boat Scandal" still holds up as one of the most outrageous incident in professional sports.