The Giants started off their matchup against the Packers like a team on a mission. They clearly looked like the better squad, but then it all came falling down fast.

And that's exactly when Twitter thought it would be a great idea to start blaming the boat trip Odell Beckham Jr. and friends took earlier in the week. Well, it started happening after OBJ dropped two crucial passes early in the game, but the onslaught only got worse when the G-Men surrendered their lead and never got it back.

One big question: where was Eli when OBJ, Victor Cruz, Sterling Shepard and others were in Miami?​

Wait a second!

Maybe he didn't play well to get revenge on his receivers for not inviting him.

If that's the case, hopefully they'll invite him on their fishing trip.

​​Here come the puns!

This would be a fun Packers party:

​​But seriously, are we going to blame a boat trip for the 38-13 loss? How can you possibly do that?

I guess when you can when you forget the only thing you need.

On top of your entire being.

I mean, watch him try and make a damn catch!

All in all, there were a lot of arguments over the whole thing. Was it a boat? Was it the play calling? Was it the absence of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie? Was it Eli Manning? Whatever it was, this is what everyone is going to remember:

Because this is what happened:

Oh look, they DID bring Eli along!

Back to vacation for the G-Men! Wait, did they even leave?

Looks like McAdoo might have to move training camp down to Florida.