Red Sox Legend David Ortiz Reportedly Hospitalized After Being Shot in Dominican Republic

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UPDATE: Ortiz is in stable condition and "out of danger" after it was confirmed he was shot in the back and the bullet exited his abdomen.

He is now out of surgery and "doing well."

What an absolute shock to the baseball world.

According to reports out of the Dominican Republic, Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz has been hospitalized in his home country with a gunshot wound.

His father, Leo Ortiz, confirmed the news shortly after to ESPN Deportes.

He added more:

Ortiz, 43, was in the country's capital of Santo Domingo and was shot in what was said to be an attempted robbery, but eyewitness accounts suggest that was not the case. The suspect in question, as seen on the security camera footage, simply walked behind Ortiz and shot him in the back.

CDN 37, a Dominican commercial broadcasting company, first reported the news of Ortiz being shot.

Other news outlets caught on and refuted the fact Ortiz was shot in the leg in an attempted robbery and reported more serious updates in which he was being treated with "urgency" after being shot in the abdomen.

Multiple outlets also revealed what he said to the ER doctor as he was being rushed into surgery. Absolutely heartbreaking.

However, there's good news. The Dominican Republic National Police have confirmed Ortiz is in stable condition, though the morbid reports seem to be true -- the police also confirmed he was shot in the back and the bullet came out through his abdomen.

Ortiz is currently undergoing surgery and the doctors have revealed he is "out of danger" and in stable condition, which is tremendous to hear directly from the sources handling the World Series champ.

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

Our thoughts are with Ortiz and his family during this frightening time.