​Former Red Sox star David Ortiz may be working as a ​analyst now, but he still remains ​invested in his former team in many ways. 

Despite retiring after the 2016 season, Ortiz will receive a World Series ring from the Red Sox after they won the 2018 Fall Classic. This is because he continues to contribute to the organization in many ways.   

​​Just as he did during his playing career, Ortiz continues to act as a mentor to the Red Sox players. Additionally, he helps the team in trying to recruit players and makes several appearances for events acting as a representative for the team. 

However, while he's happy to be a mentor, he doesn't want to force what he has to say on the players.

He doesn't want to be seen around the team too much because he wants the players to be able to escape his shadow. As long as he's still able to help the team and the players, that's perfectly fine, and the fact they just dominated all season en route to a 2018 World Series title is a good start for his influence.