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Random Twitter User Promised to Get Absurd Tattoo if Russell Westbrook-Rockets Trade Went Down

A random Twitter user has to pay up on tattoo bet after Rockets acquire Russell Westbrook.

Following the Oklahoma City Thunder trading Paul George to the Los Angeles Clippers on July 5, Russell Westbrook's time in OKC appeared to be fading. In fact, the sports media world speculated openly about where the 2017 NBA MVP would land.

One Twitter user decided to take the risk of all risks on July 7, saying he would get a tattoo of Westbrook's MVP season averages on his face if he were traded to the Houston Rockets. And he posted it on Twitter, for thousands to see.

And then, Thursday night happened, and the Rockets acquired Westbrook in a blockbuster deal with the Thunder. Whoops.

There was no hiding for this declaration, as many held receipts of his previous tweet. He didn't shy away or delete his Twitter account following the trade. However, he tagged Westbrook in a tweet, looking for sufficient funds to get the permanent ink plastered on his face.

Technically, sir, the Rockets are paying him over $171 million over the next four seasons, which is still a ton of money.

Give credit where credit is due; this Twitter user didn't hide from the world. He accepted his fate, and now, God willing, appears to be ready to get the ridiculous tattoo.