Pirates IF Cole Tucker Makes Powerful Statement in Simple Tweet During Minneapolis Riots

Cole Tucker's statement is worth reading
Cole Tucker's statement is worth reading

The murder of George Floyd has prompted protesters to plunge the city of Minneapolis into abject chaos, as the unlawful killing of an unarmed African-American man has the city rightfully angered.

Protesters even went so far as to set fire to the third precinct building, which is the same precinct Floyd's killer Derek Chauvin was a part of. Upon seeing the building burn, Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Cole Tucker summarized his feelings in a powerful statement that underscored the racial tensions exploding all over the country at the moment,

Considering a black CNN reporter was arrested earlier on Friday morning for doing his job in a peaceful manner, Tucker's indictment of both the Minneapolis police department and the culture as a whole still rings true.

While it might not be easy for a large chunk of Americans to put themselves in the shoes of the protesters and understand where all this anger is coming from, Tucker summarized the feelings these rioters have at the moment.

Tucker knows that tweets like this aren't going to solve racism in one fell swoop or bring an end to the protests, but he did a good job of describing the feelings that a lot of these protesters are harboring right now.