Former NBA Player Stephen Jackson Reveals Relationship With 'Lifelong Friend' George Floyd

Stephen Jackson
Former NBA player Stephen Jackson revealed he was close with George Floyd. | Cooper Neill/Getty Images

George Floyd's name is at the forefront of the news right now after he died while being restrained by a Minneapolis police officer. Just about everyone has weighed in on the police brutality issue, with the most discussion coming from top professional athletes.

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson appeared on TODAY and spoke about how he and Floyd, whom he called his "twin," were close friends after meeting each other at a young age while living in Houston.

Jackson talked about how Floyd was one of his true friends. He discussed the fact that most professional athletes have people calling them all the time for one thing or another, but Floyd was one of his genuine supporters throughout his career. That makes the situation even more heartbreaking for someone like Jackson who lost someone to such a senseless act.

It's disheartening to see these senseless acts of violence occur against citizens, especially those of color, and now we can see how such a loss affects the lives of so many others. Jackson's words speak volumes and hopefully they'll pave the way for justice being served.