VIDEO: Pirates' Cole Tucker Gets Hilarious Revenge on Reds' Amir Garrett in MLB The Show Tournament

Amir Garrett took this one lying down.
Amir Garrett took this one lying down.

Out of everything we're being deprived of right now with MLB in a semi-permanent shutdown, one of the things we miss MOST is throwin' 'bows. Amir Garrett lit up the baseball universe last summer when he went one-man wrecking crew against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and luckily for him, the only place the 'Burgh can get vengeance right now is in the virtual world. Pittsburgh's Cole Tucker did take advantage of the opportunity, though, sending Garrett to the turf in the league's MLB The Show tournament.

"OH! OH! Tucker, you wanna do that?!" Garrett exclaimed, the second his digital player hit the dirt. Unfortunately, he still had business to attend to, though it's a little harder to break the fabric of the game and invite the entire Pirates dugout to come get some.

In case you're forgetting what the real-life Garrett looked like in the heat of the moment last July, it was all a pretty fearless display.

Here's to letting the gloves come off again in real life as soon as social distancing becomes a thing of the past!