Photo Proves Getting Drilled in Ribs by Aroldis Chapman Fastball is the Most Painful Experience in Sports

Getting beaned by an Aroldis Chapman fastball looks ridiculously painful.
Getting beaned by an Aroldis Chapman fastball looks ridiculously painful.

If you were to poll players around the MLB on pitchers they would least enjoy getting beaned by, New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman would surely come out on top.

The left-handed flamethrower's heater consistently clocks out in the upper 90s. On a good day, and those come often, it reaches at least 100 MPH with sheer ease. If you were ever wondering what the aftermath of getting drilled by a Chapman fastball looks like, we've got you covered.

To say that the wound looks unbearably painful would be an understatement, and we wouldn't wish it upon our worst enemy.

We yelped just thinking of getting clocked in the ribs by a Chapman four-seamer. When a bruise forced by the impact of a pitch bears a resemblance to an infection, you know that it's painful.

For those curious why such a foul image made its way to Twitter, it's because some hothead was brash enough to claim that he would crowd the plate if he ever faced the six-time All-Star.

I'll tell you what we would do: fake an injury and head straight to the clubhouse.

There's a fine line between courage and stupidity, and that individual is treading dangerously close to the latter in this post. Not even the most physically-imposing big leaguers would admit that they enjoy stepping into the batter's box to face Chapman.

This photo proves that.