Photo of Aroldis Chapman Emerges and His Muscles Look Impossibly Huge

Aroldis Chapman is looking completely jacked
Aroldis Chapman is looking completely jacked

From playing MLB The Show to perfecting their pop-a-shot skills, MLB players have found all sorts of ways to keep themselves entertained during their coronavirus-induced sabbatical. New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman, it would seem, has stayed busy by working out. A LOT.

The latest picture to emerge of Chapman playing dominos with friends shows that he has done some serious work to his pitching arm, as those jacked biceps look more at home on a slugging first baseman than an All-Star closer.

Of course, we have no context on this photo, but...come on.

Keep in mind that Chapman was already the hardest thrower in the history of baseball, and he did it with a rubbery, whip-like left arm. Imagine what he is going to do with that bazooka. 105 is getting topped easily.

Chapman, who put up a 2.21 ERA and saved 37 games last season, is clearly chomping at the bit and begging for baseball to come back. When he does, we could be in line for a career season from the Cuban sensation.

Say a little prayer for the first batter that has to step into the box against the new, ripped Chapman. If he loses control of a fastball, look out.