Old Zach Brown Tweet Makes His Release From Eagles Even More Ironic Following Kirk Cousins Criticism

Even when you think you've eluded karma, it ALWAYS finds a way to come around and smack you right in the face.

Linebacker Zach Brown found himself released from the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday just a few short days after talking trash about former teammate and Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins ahead of the team's matchup on Sunday.

Of course, Brown weaseled away from his own smack talk in cowardly fashion after Cousins torched the Eagles secondary en route to a W. Well, to make his predicament that much more paradoxical, we've come across an old tweet of Brown's that personifies the final ingredient in this delicious ironic recipe.

And thus, old tweets remain undefeated.

Leave it to Brown to preach about slighting other professional athletes only to do it himself roughly 12 months later, and be served a fresh dish of crow in the process.

Let this serve as a fresh reminder to all the athletes out there to do a quick scroll down your Twitter timeline to ensure that you can't be put on blast for something foolish you posted in the past.

Brown's probably wishing he remembered to do so, because this already laughable look just became that much more humiliating for him.