Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy Spotted Wearing Controversial 'One America News' Shirt

Mike Gundy was wearing a controversial "OAN" shirt
Mike Gundy was wearing a controversial "OAN" shirt

At a time when athletes who speak out on social issues are still being told to "shut up and dribble," college football coaches are strangely allowed to make brazen political statements without anyone batting an eye.

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy was pictured at a fishing trip on Lake Texoma with a "One America News" shirt, which could cause a whole new PR headache for the Cowboys coach given the controversial and propaganda-esque nature of the network.

OAN, which has recently become one of Donald Trump's favorite networks, is an extremely right-wing "news" outlet that has come under fire for promoting several categorically false stories meant to defame and misinform. These include, and are most certainly not limited to, claiming the coronavirus was created in a North Carolina lab, accusing George Floyd of being "an ANTIFA provocateur,” and making a bomb threat after an employee falsely claimed protesters planted pipe bombs at the Korean War Memorial.

Gundy has praised this loosely-defined network of grifters in the past, calling the outlet "refreshing" and claiming they "just report the news."

Is he watching the same network everyone else is watching? Most of their content is either opinion or complete conjecture.

Gundy has already given us some wholly inadequate commentary on the COVID-19 pandemic that looks even worse after two of his players were diagnosed with the virus, and now he has thrown himself behind a network that has no issue with promoting stories that have no basis in fact.