Max Scherzer's Comments on MLB Owners Proposal Are Exactly What Players Need to Get a Deal Done

Washington Nationals right-hander Max Scherzer
Washington Nationals right-hander Max Scherzer / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Negotiations to restart the 2020 MLB season hit another snag on Wednesday night when it was reported that players took serious offense to the owners' latest proposal, which introduced a sliding compensation scale that would see players taking seismic pay cuts.

The new blueprint was bound to provoke outbursts from players, and Washington Nationals right-hander Max Scherzer was one of the first to chime in. The three-time Cy Young obliterated the owners in his lengthy rant, which is the exact sort of constructive criticism that his colleagues need to reach a compromise. A player of his influence and stature speaking out like this is exemplary.

Scherzer asserting that the players wouldn't be willing to take a pay cut beyond their prorated salaries is exactly what fans need to hear in that it further proves that the players hold all the leverage in negotiations. If the owners continue to pinch their pennies, they (and their clubs) would be the biggest losers from a revenue standpoint.

The proposal calls for the highest-paid players to take prorated cuts as high as 75%, and a counter offer is expected to be sent by the end of the week. According to ESPN insider Jeff Passan, it will feature a schedule of more than 100 games, a sizable increase from the original 82-game motion.

Keep the faith, baseball fans. There's still time for both sides to reach an agreement, and Scherzer's comments suggest that the players are going to bring the fight to the owners.