Mark Ingram Dunks on 49ers Broadcaster Suspended for Racist Comment About Lamar Jackson

The amount of callousness that some on-air personalities still believe they can get away with is hard to comprehend.

Just ask 49ers broadcaster Tim Ryan, who thought it would be acceptable to make an off-handed remark about Lamar Jackson's skin tone and how it gives him an advantage in fakery, due to the color of the football.

Yup. That actually happened. Unchecked racism, live on air.

Thankfully, San Francisco took action swiftly, suspending Ryan for their next game against the Saints.

This was a good move by the team, but many are still going after Ryan, including Jackson's teammate Mark Ingram, who had a simple and savage response to the official news of the suspension.

The clown emoji is the perfect clap-back, and objectively the correct way to respond, perfectly describing Ryan while also not giving him too much unwarranted attention. Other players loved Ingram's roast, too.

The biggest clown.

It's tough to be in a worse spot than when you're being viewed with disrespect by the top players in the sport you cover, but this is exactly what Ryan will have to deal with for at least the near future.