49ers Color Commentator Tim Ryan Suspended for Racially-Motivated Lamar Jackson Comments

Lamar Jackson tosses a pass in Ravens vs 49ers
Lamar Jackson tosses a pass in Ravens vs 49ers | Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

Lost in the madness of the Ravens vs 49ers potential Super Bowl preview from this past Sunday were some controversial comments made by San Francisco radio broadcaster Tim Ryan. Ryan, who serves as the Niners color commentator, made a racially-motivated determination that Lamar Jackson is successful at the play-action fake and fake handoffs because the ball blends in with his skin color. This, of course, is inappropriate in every facet in today's day and age.

The comments are as follows: “He’s really good at that fake, Lamar Jackson, but when you consider his dark skin color with a dark football with a dark uniform, you could not see that thing. I mean you literally could not see when he was in and out of the mesh point and if you’re a half step slow on him in terms of your vision forget about it, he’s out of the gate.”

The 49ers reached out to the Ravens organization to apologize for Ryan's remarks, and suspended him prior to the public outcry, which is worth acknowledging in an era of professional sports where those two are typically switched.

“We hold Tim to a high standard as a representative of our organization and he must be more thoughtful with his words. Tim has expressed remorse in a public statement and has also done so with us privately,” 49ers officials said. “We know Tim as a man of high integrity and are confident he will grow and learn from this experience.”

It's unknown when Ryan will be allowed back in the radio both. The former Bears LB joined the 49ers' TV crew in 2014.