LeBron James Posts Inspirational Tweet in Midst of George Floyd Protests

LeBron called for hope and unity amid the protests
LeBron called for hope and unity amid the protests /

The protests around America that have been birthed from George Floyd's death have portrayed in a very stark matter how police in this country can use their power to disproportionally target minorities, especially African-Americans.

Amid growing civil unrest, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James wondered why America doesn't love African-Americans in a tweet in which he also called for protesters to keep their head up and stay strong.

The protests have caused the likes of Boston Celtics wing Jaylen Brown and Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns to get out on the frontline and make their voices heard. While James hasn't gone that far, he is making sure that his voice and his message of hope echoes throughout the black community.

The way that these protests can cause real change in the short term is unifying behind the words of a few select leaders, who come up with a plan to demonstrate peacefully. Someone with the gravitas of James taking an interest in these protests could give them even more validity.