VIDEO: Jalen Rose Delivers Impassioned Monologue Following George Floyd’s Death and Minneapolis Riots

George Floyd’s wrongful death in Minneapolis this past Monday has not only gained traction with traditional news outlets, but has now transcended to the world of sports. While many current athletes have stepped up to voice their opinions on Floyd's death at the hands of a white police officer, former NBA player and current ESPN personality Jalen Rose's statements on racism and culture certainly stood out on Friday.

On "Jalen and Jacoby,” Rose spoke for nearly two minutes about how Floyd’s death is not anything new in Black America. For decades, African American people in this country have been disproportionately mistreated by law enforcement and those in power.

In addition, he called upon the rest of the country to not only care about black culture when it is convenient, but to care about the people that made this nation possible in the first place.

Rose’s monologue points not only to the fact that racism is still prevalent in America in 2020, but also argues that this is not a fight that black people can fight on their own. With the support of the rest of the country in battling the issue that has killed so many people like Floyd, then there can be some sort of progress made to avoid a never-ending streak of similar incidents in the future.