Report Suggests Dr. Anthony Fauci Sees 'Some Promise' in MLB's Latest Plan to Start Season in May

White House Coronavirus Task Force
White House Coronavirus Task Force / Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

Dr. Anthony Fauci has rapidly become a household name due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it's possible he becomes a favorite among baseball fans if everything moves in the right direction.

Earlier on Tuesday, Major League Baseball was said to have come up with a new plan to possibly start the baseball season in May and begin playing games in Arizona. While we don't know if that's even possible at this point, it's at least a good sign if Fauci sees "some promise" in the plan after being informed of the "broad concept."

The guy running the show likes what he's hearing? We better hope MLB players continue staying in shape during the quarantine because they could very well be called back to work sooner than we expected.

While it's obvious the plan hasn't been "endorsed" yet by any health officials due to the endless variables and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, it's been widely discussed that these next two weeks will give experts a clearer picture of when we can end the quarantine and start slowly getting back to our everyday lives.

Sports and other large events will slowly follow, but baseball games without fans in an exclusive area could indeed work, though some still feel it may pose too many risks.

Once again, all of this is speculative due to the obvious circumstances, but perhaps Fauci sees this plan as realistic assuming the next couple of weeks go as planned and the number of confirmed cases continues to decrease at a rate experts feel comfortable with.